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1990,Shenzhen Jingxin Precision Technology Co., Ltd. founded in Dacao Pu 2 Road,Pinghu Town,Longgang District,Shenzhen city, which is a Design Center in China. It is a professional and technological enterprise with more than twenty years experience of prototype making and industrial products development. It is the most competition, high quality, fast delivery and the best confidentiality. We are both the excellent members of Shenzhen Machinery Association and Toy Association.SLS设备
Our mainly products are CNC prototype model, SLA laser prototype model, SLS laser prototype model, plastic prototype model, Hardware (metal plate) model, vacuum silicon mold/vacuum injection (Small batch prototype replication), Sculpture model, Communication& digital model, Household appliance model, Toy& baby cribs model, Medical mechanical model, Automotive& aerospace component model, Security&protection model and various precision processing parts etc.
We can make the simulation of sample machine according to the  3D data, engineering drawing, sketches drawing , rendering and etc which are provided by customers. We can develop and design for the early products, such as appearance, size, structural experiments, we can do the promotion and advertisements at the same time. And our processing methods include SLA laser rapid prototyping, SLS laser rapid prototyping, CNC rapid prototyping, sculpturing profile(humanbeings, animals, flowers and plants, toys) and gypsography , small batch vacuum injection doubling plate.
In order to meet the special needs in a wider area, completely replace the production in the early development & design verification and explore special processing methods for variety of materials, we combine the latest specialized machinery and equipment both at home and abroad, such us SLA Laser prototyping machine, SLS Laser prototyping machine, CNC machining center . Meanwhile, we can provide market promotion, advertisement model, reduce customers’ risk and increase customers’ efficiency. With the help of strong technical resources, we have become one of the leading suppliers of mold& prototype making, fixture& jig making, Simulation model making and injection in China.


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