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CNC Machining
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Product Name: CNC machining

With the development of CAD/CAM software, the CNC numerical control process has been widely used in the new product development in recent years. Its advantage is that the using material and the final material are consistent, and the state of final production is close to the device operation which has been the first choice for the machining of large parts. CNC machining center:48 sets Maximum Stroke:1800X1100X550MM CNCCNC machining centerqicheyibankuang五轴加工 图片34 qicheyibankuang发动机散热器铝合金   xfdz-35 xfdz-31 qichemenbanRxfdz-30 xfdz-20 jd-11  手机2 QQ图片20160113104326 QQ图片20160113103411


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